Live In Zurich Switzerland 2.5 1950 - Duke & His Orchestra Elling (2008, Cd Neu)


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Allgemein artikel name: live in zurich switzerland: 2.5.1950 genre: jazz produkt typ: cd label: tcb the montreux jazz label titelanzahl: 14 dauer: 69:24 trackliste cd - 1 1. Duke ellington - suddenly it jumped 2:35 2. Duke ellington - ring them bells 2:59 3. Duke ellington - creole love call 5:14 4. Duke ellington - paradise 4:15 5. Duke ellington - air conditioned jungle 4:27 6. Duke ellington - how high the moon 6:25 7. Duke ellington - tattooed bride 12:28 8. Duke ellington - take the "a" train 3:17 9. Duke ellington - frankie & johnny 8:14 10. Duke ellington - rockin' in rhythm 5:48 11. Duke ellington - violet blue 5:37 12. Duke ellington - st. Louis blues 2:56 13. Duke ellington - s'wonderful 2:40 14. Duke ellington - jeep is jumpin' 2:29 beschreibung beschreibung duke ellington was widely recorded in concert over his many decades in jazz, but the discovery of a previously unreleased live tape from 1950, in surprisingly listenable fidelity, is still an occasion worthy of applause. Of course the mere surfacing of the recording wouldn't mean a thing if it didn't have that swing, & this set does indeed. Accompanied by a relatively small group consisting of trumpeter ray nance (who also sings), clarinetisttenor saxophonist jimmy hamilton, alto saxophonist johnny hodges, bassistbass clarinetist harry carney, both sonny greer & butch ballard on drums, & ellington's longtime co-writer billy strayhorn also on piano, plus the vocalist kay davis, ellington is in fine form throughout. Ever the gentleman, ellington introduces the numbers to the swiss audiences, jokes a bit, & leads his charges in a most dignified manner. The performances are tight & inspired, respectful of the big-band tradition but unafraid to dip a few toes into the progressive waters looming ahead as the '50s kicked in. Solos are never less than praiseworthy & often quite hot. The song list yields no real surprises -- standards of the ellington repertoire andor of the era in general such as "take the 'a' train," "creole love call," "s'wonderful," & "how high the moon" are among the numbers performed -- & overall the album does what it needs to: gives an accurate reflection of where this pioneer stood at this point in his long, legendary career. ~ Jeff Tamarkin Jeff Tamarkin Mitwirkende Artist: Ellington Duke & His Orchestra Leader: Duke & His Orchestra Ellington Saxophone: Russell Procope Photography: Theo Zwicky Photography: Werner Keller Trumpet: Al Killian Clarinet (Bass): Harry Carney Vocals: Ray Nance Piano: Billy Strayhorn Saxophone: Johnny Hodges Record Label: Tcb Records Sax (Alto): Johnny Hodges Clarinet: Jimmy Hamilton Current Distributor: Proper Note Trumpet: Nelson Williams Trombone: Quentin Jackson Trumpet: Harold Baker Piano: Duke Ellington Remastering: Peter Pfister Trumpet: Ernie Royal Saxophone: Don Byas Executive Producer: Peter Schmidlin Vocals: Kay Davis Saxophone: Harry Carney Bass: Wendell Marshall Drums: Sonny Greer Saxophone: Jimmy Hamil

In-akustik Gmbh
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