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Taille1 Litre
type de produitHealth personal care
MarqueForever Living
FabricantForever Living
  • Unique formulation available in aloe drink form to maintain healthy joint function and flexibility. Glucosamine sulphate & Chondroitin sulphate. methylsulphonylmethane (MSM). Increased bio - availability (better absorption) due to aloe vera carrier. Ideal for sports people and mature who wish to maintain healthy joint mobility
  • Forever Freedom contains all the benefits of our plain gel but with added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM - popular with those who lead an active lifestyle.

Wake up & get your day moving with this refreshing orange-flavoured aloe gel. N.b. Contains shellfish (shrimp, crab & lobster). Ingredients: stabilised aloe vera gel, fructose, flavouring (orange juice concentrate), glucosamine sulfate (crustaceans), chondroitin sulfate, methyl sulfonyl methane, acidity regulator (citric acid), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), preservative (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), antioxidant (tocopherol). Forever freedom has combined aloe vera with substances that are helpful for the maintenance of proper joint function & mobility in a tasty, orange-flavored juice formula. We've taken glucosamine sulfate & chondroitin sulfate - two naturally occurring elements that have been shown to help maintain healthy joint function & mobility - & married them with our stabilized aloe vera gel. To this, we've added vitamin c & msm, a primary source of bio-available sulfur the body needs to maintain healthy connective tissues & joint function. Glucosamine sulfate & chondroitin sulfate are natural substances that help maintain the structure & health of cartilage, keeping this natural "shock absorber" well hydrated. They also help keep the lubricating fluid within the joint at the necessary viscosity to allow one surface to glide freely over another. As the body ages, it is less able to produce these natural elements of healthy cartilage which can then lead to "wear & tear" on the joints. Suggested use shake well. Take 60-120ml daily. Warning store in a cool, dry place away from children. Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet & should not be substituted for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle. Do not use if pregnant andor breastfeeding or people taking anticoagulant drugs.

Forever Living
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