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type de produitAbis music
FabricantBlue Label (Spv)
Allgemein artikel name: bullet records rhythm & blues genre: rock englischsprachig produkt typ: cd label: blue label titelanzahl: 25 dauer: 67:31 trackliste cd - 1 1. Wynonie harris - dig this boogie 2:29 2. Wynonie harris - lightning struck the poorhouse 2:40 3. Wynonie harris - my baby's barrel house 2:48 4. Wynonie harris - drinkin' by myself 2:38 5. Max blues bailey - brown skin woman blues 2:40 6. Max blues bailey - my baby's blues 2:44 7. Max blues bailey - teardrops are falling 2:36 8. Max blues bailey - drive soldiers drive 3:01 9. Sherman williams - sherman's boogie 2:47 10. Sherman williams - i'm lucky with my brown gal 2:42 11. Sherman williams - baby don't you want to go 2:43 12. Sherman williams - my flamin' gal 2:44 13. Sherman williams - baby please don't go 2:42 14. Sherman williams - ooh wee baby gee 2:36 15. Tuff green - let's go to the liquor store 2:42 16. Red calhoun - here comes the man with the gin 2:31 17. Bobby plater orchestra - gonna bring my baby back 2:26 18. Bobby plater orchestra - beer bottle boogie 3:01 19. Tucker coles - don't get excited 2:51 20. Tucker coles - tc blues 2:39 21. Dusty brooks - whoa mule 2:39 22. Dusty brooks - chili dogs 2:35 23. Doc wiley - doctor's jump 2:44 24. Doc wiley - play your hand 2:56 25. The five bars - i'm all dressed up with a broken heart 2:37 beschreibung beschreibung founded in 1945 in nashville by jim bulliet, wally fowler, & c.v. Hitchcock, bullet records was one of the most successful independent record labels in the immediate post-world war ii era. The label had an initial plan to release records across a broad range of styles that included pop, gospel, country, r&b, & blues, but by the time bulliet departed the label in 1948, the company's releases were largely for the country (then called hillbilly) & blues markets only. Bulliet was replaced by overton ganong in 1949, who stayed around just long enough to hand the reins over to w.c. "red" wortham a year or so later. By 1952, bullet records was dead in the water, which certainly wasn't wortham's doing, since he had essentially inherited a sinking ship. Wortham & bulliet revived the label toward the end of the decade, & when bulliet again backed out, wortham steered things through into the '70s, by which time bullet had descended to being a custom label for hire, putting out anything anyone would pay to have released. This set features 25 jazz-flavored r&b sides from bullet's late-'40s & early-'50s run. Much of the label's catalog (the masters were kept on aluminum discs -- tape was not yet the dominant recording medium at the time) was foolishly discarded or sold as scrap, so what's here is here by fortune. As a rule, bulliet's jump blues material was often horn heavy & tied closely to the jazz side of things, but there was a certain looseness in the production style that gives many of these sides an endearing tone that somehow suggests both elegance & ragged abandon all in one swoop. Among The Highlights Ar
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